Hello Everyone!

I’ve been to some really great places lately (and some just ok places) and am looking forward to sharing them with you!  Until I get to write my posts about each delicious destination, have a look at some of the pictures I will be posting.  Be patient, the blogs to follow will be just as … Continue reading

Discovering the Phoenix Area!

I’ve been to some really fun and delicious places the past few months!  Blogs on each to come, but until then, check out these “On the Go” spots.  Pizza Bianco, Culinary Dropout, Tortilla Factory, Salty Senorita, The Breakfast Club, Little Chicago Pizza, The Herb Box, Distrito, Lee’s Cream Liqueur, 1130, Mimi’s Cafe.  Thanks to Groupon … Continue reading

My New Favorite Lunch Spot…

Sweet Tomatoes!  Cute, right? 😉 I’ve never heard of Sweet Tomatoes until I moved to AZ and started receiving coupons for it in the mail.  ST pretty much came off as a simple soup, salad and bakery. So, at first, I wasn’t driven to go there, like “omg I have to go.” It was mainly … Continue reading

What’s for Breakfast? U.S. Egg!

I’ve seen them (U.S. Egg) around in the Tempe and Scottsdale area…I mean, how can you pass by a place called U.S. Egg and not take notice of it? I LOVE breakfast!  So any place that specializes in it is definitely worth a visit.  After a while, Denny’s and Ihop can get a little boring, … Continue reading

Welcome to the Desert!

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to see though I was on a short hiatus, people out there still seemed to read my blog!  That encourages me to get back on track, so thank you! The reason Mo hasn’t posted lately anything “On the Go” is because she has literally been going going going.  I’ve traveled 2,500 … Continue reading