Day #4 and #5 of Saving!

Hello folks!  

Sorry I missed day 4!  I left my computer cord at a friend’s house.  Just think of today as a 2 for 1 deal!

Day #4

Too good to be true?  Maybe?…but it is legit!

All December long is doing their Feed it Forward gifting promotion. “ brings you its fifth annual free annual giving program that has seen more than $55 million in local dining experiences given! You love dining. You have friends who need holiday gifts. We bring these things together for you for free. Give codes for $10 eGift Cards to dozens of your friends at no cost. Free to give, free to receive. Feed It Forward!”

Basically what it is is $10 off any purchase.  It’s brilliant as it encourages spending while offering a great deal.  Check out the FAQ here

You can give up to 100 gifts, and can even receive one yourself.  Only limitation is if there are participating restaurants near you.  

Overall, great deal, and I cant wait to try out a new restaurant!

Day #5

Customer Appreciation Promotions!

Ex.  December is Customer Appreciation Month at Subway Restaurants.  They are offering 6″ Meatball Marinara subs and 6″ Cold Cut subs for $2 all month long!  Can’t get a better tasting deal for that!  In fact, tonight for dinner I had the meatball sub, chips and large drink for less than $5!  Definitely budget friendly.  As a side note…check out other deals while you are there.  Every day after 4pm and all day Sunday, all regular subs are $5.  

Tis the season for eating!  So atleast make sure you are getting the most for your dollars! 🙂 




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