25 days of saving!

It’s that time of year again…when our wallets get slimmer and our waistlines get larger.  As a foodie, I am all for eating through the holidays, so I am no help with the latter, but I can help your wallet stay just as full as your belly.

I was inspired by my love of advent calendars (the ones with the chocolates of course!) and my thirst to find great deals.  Therefore, I have decided to post fabulous deals and money savings tricks each day until Christmas to help you get the most jangle for your jingle this holiday season.  You DO NOT have to spend a lot, to get a lot.  Remember, to share these goodies with someone you care about, as it is the season of giving after all!


So, since I am a day behind in starting this, I will post two deals today!

#1  Look for the 25 days of gifting offers.

Ex.  Starbucks has started their 12 days of gifting.  Each day they are posting a different deal.  Check out these offers online, on facebook or in store, Check it out!  http://rekindle.starbucks.com/en-us/products/12-days   Last year, I bought my friend a tumbler which came with free coffee for all of January.

*Sidenote…also at Starbucks, ask for a Holiday Beverage Tasting Card…after 5 Grande drinks, you get one FREE!

Ex. Chillis is having their 25 days of deals.  Sign up to receive a different deal each day such as free chips and queso, free appetizer, free dessert, etc.

The deals are out there!  Just take the time to find them!

#2  Check out your local library!

With all the technology at our fingertips these days, our public libraries often seemed overlooked.  Libraries are taking the steps they need to still appeal to the masses.  A perfect example is the Scottsdale Civic Center Library in Scottsdale, AZ.  My roommate is a total bookworm so she encouraged me to go and get a library card. (I’m glad she did!) It’s free, so no harm done.  I’m not the biggest reader, but there is so much more at this library.  My favorite aspect is the Culture Pass.  Here’s what Scottsdale Public Library has to say, “Art that inspires and engages, hands-on science that excites and educates, history that brings the Valley alive, plants and animals from here and round the world – all of this and more are waiting for you at Scottsdale Public Library! Library cardholders can now check out an admission for up to two people at participating cultural institutions!”

What’s better than spending a day out and about with a friend…for FREE!  Today, my roomie and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden with the Culture Pass I got and saved $36!  My next mission, is to get the pass to the Zoo!

In conclusion, take a minute to check your resources for good deals.  Remember, what better place to check your resources than a library! ha!  Check your local library.  Here is mine 🙂

Check in tomorrow for another great deal! Don’t be stressed over money this holiday season…Tis the season to be jolly!



2 thoughts on “25 days of saving!

  1. This just reminded me about our advent calendar last year we shared….I don’t even have one this year… Miss you!!!

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