Your last meal…

I remember when I went on the Old Town Scottsdale Food Tour last year.  Our guide went around and asked each one of us what we would want our last meal to be (like the one thing we would like to have eaten before we died)  Of course you’d get the usual answers…pizza, macaroni and cheese, steak, etc.  However, my answer was a little more specific as I LOVE food.  Filet, medium, with seared sea scallops, mushroom risotto and sauteed spinach. Yes please.  Only one other person gave an answer similar to mine.  He was a chef. Well done 🙂  However, something so simple and pure, but oh so wonderful, has now become the top of my last meal list.  It isn’t even a meal.  Simple, happiness.  The soft pretzels and provolone cheese fondue from Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale, AZ. I mean, come on…



Words can’t describe how amazing these are.  So worth $10.  Nothing else on the menu really excited me, but I will go back to Culinary Dropout as long as these bad boys are on the menu.  Plus, the restaurant does boast a great atmosphere.  It has a casual feel in a chic environment, and live music on the weekends!

Other worth trying fair…Yesterday’s soup (7)  “It’s better the next day!” and a drink with foam, why not?!?



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