Posted in November 2012

Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Wait, free ice cream?!?!  Sounds good to me!  If you order and eat in at Dickey’s, you can help your self to the soft serve ice cream.  Not a bad deal.  Especially with how costly BBQ can be.  What I found even more exciting than the free ice cream, was the big plastic yellow cup … Continue reading

Hola Salty Senorita!

This is definitely a fav local hangout spot.  So when I saw that their was a Groupon available, I jumped at it.  $15 for $30 worth of food?  Sounds good to me!  Check out the pics for now and my review to follow.

Your last meal…

I remember when I went on the Old Town Scottsdale Food Tour last year.  Our guide went around and asked each one of us what we would want our last meal to be (like the one thing we would like to have eaten before we died)  Of course you’d get the usual answers…pizza, macaroni and … Continue reading

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been to some really great places lately (and some just ok places) and am looking forward to sharing them with you!  Until I get to write my posts about each delicious destination, have a look at some of the pictures I will be posting.  Be patient, the blogs to follow will be just as … Continue reading