What’s for Breakfast? U.S. Egg!

I’ve seen them (U.S. Egg) around in the Tempe and Scottsdale area…I mean, how can you pass by a place called U.S. Egg and not take notice of it?


I LOVE breakfast!  So any place that specializes in it is definitely worth a visit.  After a while, Denny’s and Ihop can get a little boring, so its refreshing to stumble across something new.

My trip to U.S. Egg followed an early morning Sunday trip to the Farmer’s Market near Chandler, AZ.  Shopping for food is an easy way to work up an appetite 😉

U.S. Egg was packed when we got there (of course, Sunday morning breakfast) but it wasn’t overwhelming and it didn’t take long until me and my friend were seated.

The first thing that caught my eye, besides the place being so clean and bright, was the decor.  To one side was a huge map of the US with pins in places from where various guests were from.  There was also a huge US flag on another wall.  What makes all this unique?  They were seemingly made out of egg cartons.  Take a look!


Our waitress, in addition to the rest of the staff, was very friendly and efficient.  Maybe because there are only a few of these restaurants, and they are all family owned and operated, that they pay special attention to the little details!

The menu boasts all of the breakfast favorites as well as lunch items, ranging from traditional to regional.  Come in for a loaded omelette or sample their “famous” protein pancakes.   More in the mood for lunch?  Choose from burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.  However, you can’t go wrong with breakfast at any time!  Just note that U.S. Egg is only open for breakfast and lunchtime.  Most certainly a good reason to get out of bed on a weekend morning!

My friend and I started off with freshly squeezed orange juice.  yum! Not too long after we placed our orders, the omelettes we were craving all morning made its way to the table.


This huge omelette is loaded with ham and mushrooms.  Fresh fruit was substituted (at no extra charge!) for the hash browns.  This isn’t your traditional fruit cup!  There are slices of freshly cut fruit-not chunks that have been sitting around for a while…

Personally, I first was in the mood for an omelette, but when I saw they had frittatas (basically opened faced omelettes), my decision was quickly swayed.  I chose the Arizona Frittata which consisted of mushrooms, spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes, jack and cheddar cheese with salsa and sour cream on the side.  So delicious and full of flavor!  AND it was served with an English muffin (I have a soft spot for English muffins)


This meal was filling and satisfying without breaking the bank.  Plus, you are getting the quality in food and service.  It’s not as “cheap” as Denny’s but so worth it.

If you are in AZ,  check out one of their four locations!  Check U.S. Egg out!



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