Posted in August 2012

My New Favorite Lunch Spot…

Sweet Tomatoes!  Cute, right? 😉 I’ve never heard of Sweet Tomatoes until I moved to AZ and started receiving coupons for it in the mail.  ST pretty much came off as a simple soup, salad and bakery. So, at first, I wasn’t driven to go there, like “omg I have to go.” It was mainly … Continue reading

What’s for Breakfast? U.S. Egg!

I’ve seen them (U.S. Egg) around in the Tempe and Scottsdale area…I mean, how can you pass by a place called U.S. Egg and not take notice of it? I LOVE breakfast!  So any place that specializes in it is definitely worth a visit.  After a while, Denny’s and Ihop can get a little boring, … Continue reading