Disappointed in the Point

If you have previously read my blog, you may have come across my post on the Point.  http://tastytravelswithmo.com/2012/02/05/get-to-the-point/  From reading this, you can tell how much I loved going to the Point and what a great establishment I thought it was.  Unfortunately, my most recent visit has pushed me to never go back again.

No, there wasn’t a hair on my food or my sticky bun wasn’t stale.  I’m a baker so it is not like I need to go to any sort of bake shop.  As mentioned, customer service is very important to me.  Sometimes I think people just don’t realize how important it is.  It can make or break your entire experience, or even your day.

I was in Rehoboth this past Saturday for the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. (Side note, I brought back 3 blue ribbons 😉 )  However, my day didn’t start off that great.  It was chilly, windy and rainy so after dropping off my many submissions at the Convention Center, I thought I’d go to my then favorite place in Rehoboth, the Point.

This visit started off like any other one.  There was a good crowd in there, but nothing crazy.  A lot of people were in town for this event so people were going in and out.  The Point was also participating in this event.  Tom was his normal perky self, but to my dislike, I saw another side of him.  When I did my last blog, I thought I’d check out yelp reviews.  I saw one customers comment saying how rude and ignorant the manager Tom was towards her.  I couldn’t believe it, and at the time I didn’t.  This can’t be right? Tom’s not like that.  Customers are crazy.  Well, I found out for myself that there was another side to this seemingly perky fellow.

I ordered my sticky bun and smoothie and shelled out about $8-10.  I didn’t really care cause I enjoyed it and wanted to get out of the bad weather until the Chocolate Festival opened up in about an hour.  So I found and empty table in the other side of the coffee-house that I never even noticed before, in the corner.  I pulled out my laptop and thought I’d blog or work on my school lessons.

As I was waiting for my smoothie, another customer came in to pick up a cake she ordered.  apparently it was not done how she ordered and Tom went on to tell her that she was wrong and that was exactly what she ordered.  I was dumbfounded.  You NEVER tell a customer they are wrong, even if they are.  I thought that was rude, but brushed it off.

It was nice and warm in my cozy corner, until Tom opened the door and let the cool, damp air in.  The patrons sitting near the door (who were there for a good while too) didn’t seem to mind.  I’m also not big on complaining so I just dealt with it.

The cafe started to get busy and tables around me became occupied.  However, it wasn’t overly busy where there was a line of people nor people waiting to find seats.  Simply, just filled.  My brother, who I rarely hear from, actually called me.  One of my pet peeves is when people are on their phones in a public place and are incredibly loud with their conversations.  Hence, I try to be rather quiet.  I’m always overly considerate of other people.  Then while I am on the phone, Tom comes over and starts whispering in my ear.  He can tell I’m on the phone, but doesn’t even say excuse me or ask for my attention.  While Tom is rambling in my ear, I told my brother I’d have to call him back because I couldn’t pay him full attention.  Basically Tom tells me, “I’m sorry but it is starting to get busy and people will need places to sit.  You can sit out on the stairs and look in.  If you see a free table, you can come in and grab it. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”   I didn’t want to argue, because I am not confrontational at all, but I was so flabbergasted and dumbfounded that I just got kicked out of a coffeehouse.  (that offers free wifi btw)  I was also insulted that he told me to go out and sit on the cold wet stairs.  I was always a good customer and did nothing to deserve that.  I’m not going to rant on and on about this, but I’ll just say, next time I will go to Starbucks where they won’t kick me out.  That was unprofessional and rude and I am very disappointed.  I want to share this with everyone as no one deserves to be treated like this.


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