Chomp! $5.99 lunch special at the Shark!

So, I HAD to go back to the Shark after my previously AMAZING lunch I had just a few days prior, to try the daily $5.99 lunch special.   They actually offer this EVERYDAY during the off season, so enjoy it while you can!  See my previous blog on the Shark to learn more about this hot spot in West OC, MD.

I went with two of my lovely coworkers and the three of us were in and out in 30 minutes and paid about $7 per person including tip.  Plus, we had a great view of the water.   Not a bad deal.

We all ordered from the $5.99 lunch offerings.  They were just too good to say no.  Take a look!

The options were Chicken Pesto Pasta, Tuna and Tomato Melt, or the Pizza Party.  For the Pizza Party, you could choose from 1 of 3 individual pizzas.  Choices included a Veggie pizza with sundried tomato pesto, artichokes, bok choy and mushrooms.  The Sausage pizza was made with andouille sausage, sherry cream sauce, cheddar and parmesan cheese.  Lastly, the Hibachi Steak pizza was made with grilled beef, mushrooms, onions, fontina cheese and a spicy soy glaze.

One of my colleagues chose the pizza.  She enjoyed it even though she could only eat half.  Let me tell you, her husband makes out very well on all of the tasty travels I take her on 🙂

The mushrooms are what sold her on this dish!  The pizza was loaded with them and tender, flavorful beef.  She was nervous if the sauce would be too spicy, but it wasn’t;  it was just right to marry all of the ingredients together.  It’s like a hibachi grill on a pizza!

My other colleague and I both went for the Chicken Pesto Pasta.  I’m sold on anything pesto and I was in the mood for pasta.  Score.

The portion was perfectly sized for lunch.  However, I wish there was more so I could’ve brought it home and enjoyed it again for dinner 🙂  Whole wheat linguine noodles were covered in a creamy pesto sauce and decorated with crispy pork lardons, tender all natural chicken, and fresh tomatoes and shaved cheese.  The lardons, (basically pork fat) added texture and flavor to this beautiful dish.

Hurry and stop by The Shark on the Harbour before all the crazy tourists get here and these great deals go away!  $5.99 lunch everyday, 11:30-3pm, dine in only.

12924 Sunset Ave.

West Ocean City, MD


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