Charcoal Grill: Baltimore’s Best Pit Beef

Just thinking about this place gets me hungry!  No trip to Baltimore is complete (atleast for me) without stopping by the Charcoal Grill for a Pit Beef Sandwich.  One of my best friends was the first to introduce me to this greatness, as she is lucky enough to live right down the street from here.  When she knew I was from Maryland (we met in Philly), and had no idea what pit beef sandwich or a sno ball were, she was dumbfounded.  She changed that real quick.

I go to the location in Parkville, on Old Harford Rd, but there is also a location in Perry Hall, MD.  It’s basically a stand where you get your food and go.  You can’t stay and eat in your car because they need the parking space.  What my friends and I always do is get our food, and then drive up to the shopping plaza right next store and eat in our cars up there.  There’s no way you can wait to get home to eat the pit beef.  Plus, in the spring/summer when Elizabeth and Zyggie’s Sno Ball stand is open, we get dessert from there.  It’s like a two birds with one stone kind of thing 🙂

You have to go to Charcoal Grill for pit beef.  They use certified Angus Beef.  However, their menu has way more than that.  In addition to pit beef, pit ham and turkey are also available in addition to a combo.  Additionally, you can choose your type of bread and all sorts of toppings and sauces.  I always get the regular sized pit beef ($6) (colossal is also available $10) on a kaiser roll with lettuce, onions, mayonnaise and melted cheddar.   The meat is thinly sliced, tender and juicy with loads of flavor, and is piled on a soft kaiser.  The lettuce and onion I add for a little crunch and so I can say I ate my vegetables 🙂 You have to get the melted cheddar.  Take my word on this one.

Other menu options include hot dogs, pulled BBQ chicken, beef or pork, clubs, chicken sandwiches, ribs, BBQ chicken, wings, Beach fries, onion rings, poppers, chicken tenders, soups, assorted salads, fried cheesecake, and so much more.  Wash it all down with a root beer or an Arnold Palmer.  (blend of tea and lemonade)

Charcoal Grill accepts credit cards and they are also available for your catering needs.  This is a definite go to if you are in the Baltimore area.

Open year round, 11-8/9 (depending on time of year)

8535 Old Harford Road

4351 Ebenezer Road
Next to Perry Hall Lanes


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