Arizona LOVES Alcohol Infused Ice Cream

As a professional in the pastry field, my mind was boggled when I first heard of alcohol infused ice cream.  I mean, I’ve made alcohol flavored ice cream, or have even used a little bit of alcohol in ice cream, but have never made or tried one that you had to be 21 or older to taste. (until this past fall)  I didn’t think it was possible since alcohol does not freeze, so if you added a lot of it to an ice cream base, you’d yield an extremely soft product.  Well in Arizona, they have discovered how to make ice cream, with an actual content.  This has brought a new twist on dessert as well as cocktails.

Lee’s Cream Liqueur is located in Scottsdale, AZ.  They describe their product as “a childhood treat with adult sophistication.” ($3.75 for one scoop. 2 and 3 scoop also available)  You must show ID for spiked varieties, but non-alcoholic flavors are also available.  It is perfectly refreshing and fun on a hot day in the desert.

The flavors change every so often and a variety are available daily.  When I went while I was on the Old Town Scottsdale Food Tour, I had the opportunity to try the mint chip.  It was made with mint snapps and creme de menthe. It was good…a little more on the icy side than the creamy side, but though it is cool, it may make you feel a little warm and fuzzy.  No worries, I think you’d have to eat a lot of this for it to do any harm.

I’d love to go back with my friends and try new flavors.  I am more of a dessert lover than a drinker, but I think going here would be a nice social experience at night.  They also deliver within a 30 mi radius and make ice cream cakes as well!

Lee’s Cream Liqueur

7137 E. Stetson Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: (480) 429-5337 Hours: Tues-Weds, 12 pm-10 pm; Thur-Sat, 12 pm-11 pm; Sun, 12 pm-7 pm


I just discovered this next find on twitter today…SnoBar Cocktails.   Their marketing strategy basically states if you love cocktails, well then they are even better frozen.  It is all about fun!  Different ice pops and ice creams are available in various flavors such as margarita or Brandy Alexander and have ranging pure alcohol contents of 3-6%.   These are only available in stores across Arizona, but are trying to branch out across the country.




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