Sound the Alarm! Off to Station 7!

After an afternoon of running around West Ocean City, MD, my friends and I were tired and hungry and in the mood for a change of scenery.  I will post all about “Death by Chocolate” soon!  Anywho, this led us to Station 7, a hidden treasure in the small town of Pittsville, MD.

You can’t miss it!  There’s not many businesses in Pittsville and Station 7 actually makes Pittsville a destination.  There’s also a location in Laurel, DE.  At night on weekends, it’s a good ol’ country bar.  But don’t be fooled, this place can really get hoppin’.  I’ve been here once before.  One of my employees participated in a singing competition and we came for dinner and to cheer here on.  This place is huge with seating upstairs and downstairs.  In fact, the building was converted from the old firehouse.  The decor is really cool as they have firemen hats/helmets as the light fixtures and all sorts of badges along the brick walls.

The menu is like a typical BBQ joint with a few curve balls thrown in.  We started with the “Stop, Drop and Rolls” as an appetizer.  It’s a Philly Cheesesteak in egg roll form!  “Steak, American cheese & sautéed onions rolled in a wonton wrapper and deep fried, served with remoulade sauce.”  Two whole rolls were  cut in half, for 7.99.  It’s taking something that is bad for you, and making it even worse, but oh so much better and so worth it.  Steak mixed with cheese and onions, wrapped in a wonton wrapper then fried.  They are served with a flavorful remoulade as a perfect dipping sauce.  We devoured them.







911 nachos, flashpoint fries, fire sticks, and hot tomato! hot tomato! are just a few of their fun app offerings. Definitely worth going back to try these selections.  Curious about what they are?  Good!  Go there or check out their website 🙂

Our server was friendly and I was never left without any water to drink, which is good service for me.  Nothing above and beyond, but def not bad.

We all decided to add on side Caesar salads to our meals for only $2.59.  The menu is creative BBQ plus Eastern Shore favs. (seafood)  I couldn’t say no to pulled pork.  My friends got a fried fish sandwich and the other had one of the Angus burgers.  Varieties of wraps, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, BBQ platters and much, much more are available too.

We also chose fries to come with our sandwiches.  With the malt vinegar, they were even better than boardwalk fries! The pulled pork was tender and juicy with the “hog” sauce on the side.  I mixed all the sauce right in with the meat for more flavor.  There was so much meat on that little potato bun, I pulled half off and saved the rest for lunch the next day.  (in fact, it tasted even better the next day!)

What urged me to return to Station 7 was my neighbors actually mentioned to me they went there recently, but that’s a whole nother story.  So if you are ever in the mood for real BBQ in a fun setting, think Station 7 and leave Famous Dave’s behind.

7456 Gumboro Rd.

Pittsville, MD


10912 County Seat Hwy

Laurel, DE


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