Blue Water Grill

Blink and you may miss it.  The Blue Water Grill is a restaurant located in the small town of Millsboro, DE.  It caught my eye as I was driving through town down Main St., so I ended up going back there for dinner with a friend.  Looked nice on the outside 🙂 Not what I would have expected there.

They are open for lunch and dinner daily, and boast that they make everything from scratch.  “Nothing comes out of a box.”

The apps weren’t anything too exciting.  Quesadilla, crab dip, mozzerella sticks, onion rings, etc.  Steamed mussels, clams and shrimp are also available.

Blue Water’s lunch menu looked really good; we actually wished we were there for lunch instead of dinner.  Dinner selections are only available after 4pm and lunch selections before 4pm.  Lunch options include a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches and fish sandwiches.  All are served with either Idaho fries, sweet potato fries, or cole slaw and are reasonably priced at about $10.

The menu is pretty expansive; it even includes a children’s menu for kids under 12 years old which boast 8 different menu items and comes with a complimentary school of vanilla ice cream.  Oh to be a kid again!

My friend and I were a little intimidated by the dinner menu.  All of the dinner options include 2 of BWG’s tempting sides, but being in Millsboro, I wasn’t expecting to pay $20+ for a dinner entree.  The atmosphere was nice, but I just seemed confused when the menu was more high end and at the table we had plastic blue Pepsi cups and fake flowers.

It was pretty in there though.  There was art on the wall for sale from local artist and a huge chalk board with all the specials on it.  It was kind of difficult for us to read it though from where we were seated.

Our server was nice and she told us all of the specials.  A 3lb lobster and 4 sides sounded AMAZING, but my guest and I weren’t about to drop $75 for just an after work dinner.  What did strike our fancy was the steak special…Either a 5oz filet, ny strip, or other cut of meat and two sides for only $15!!  8oz filet or porterhouse for $20.  We both settled on the 5oz filet.

I LOVE risotto, so I got the risotto cakes and macaroni and cheese as my sides.  My friend also got the mac and cheese and the sweet potato fries.  What?  We are hard working girls, it is ok to carb load. haha

We were served a basket of onion rolls, which was nice, but nothing too exciting.  Maybe if they were served warm mmm

I was excited to see that the filet was wrapped in bacon!  That was an added surprise!  The grill marks were perfect and added great flavor to the properly seasoned meat.  However, unfortunately, the filet was rare, not medium rare, and thus the bacon was raw-ish.  It flavored the filet nicely though.  I don’t like sending things back to the kitchen, so I just enjoyed my sides.  The macaroni and cheese was delicious; it tasted just like the mac and cheese my momma makes.  The risotto cakes were also fabulous.  I’ve never had them out before so this was a real treat.  Basically what a risotto cake is, is risotto shaped into a patty (great use for leftover risotto) breaded and fried.  The outside was golden and crispy, and the inside was creamy and full of flavor. I couldn’t eat the filet as it was still moo-ing to me, but the sides really hit the spot.  I actually brought the filet home and made a steak and eggs pannini for breakfast the next morning. Yum!  I had to steal a few of my friend’s sweet potato fries.  They were fresh cut and delicious.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  A delicious side of a cilantro honey mustard were served with the fries.  I probably could’ve eaten all of those fries myself with that sauce. mmmhmm

It was late and we were full, so we passed on dessert. Key lime pie and cheesecake did sound tempting though.  Maybe if I ever go back for lunch.  Blue Water is far away from where I live, so I may not go back, but atleast I know of another place in Millsboro. (I go through Millsboro to get to Rehoboth)  However, if I am going to eat in Millsboro again, I’d hope to try out the Georgia House, which is right down the street, as I have heard many good things.

The choice is yours…

226 Main Street

Millsboro, DE


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