Back to Sunset, $5.99 Lunch Special!

Could it be?  Lunch for only $5.99 and it’s not from McDonald’s or Arby’s?  Lunch at Panera usually runs around $7-9.  Well, at the Sunset Grill in West Ocean City, atleast during the off-season, they run this AMAZING lunch special.  If I had the time, and the money, I would have lunch there everyday!  It is a great escape for lunch with coworkers, friends or family and worth so much more than $5.99.

If you hadn’t read about my previous adventures at Sunset Grill (which you should! 🙂 ) Sunset is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water.  It’s casual yet upscale.  Take a look…

For my most recent visit, we got to sit upstairs which has just a fabulous view.  I could just chill up there all day and look out at the world.  It’s very tranquil.  Upstairs, each of the booths have their own TV’s.  Ours was ironically enough on Anthony Bourdain’s show, No Reservations, where he travels around the world unveiling all sorts of different cuisines.

What makes the $5.99 special even more fabulous is that it boasts several delicious options, not only 2 or 3, all which change daily.  Today the options were turkey TV dinner, fish and chips, steak quesadilla, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, grilled ham and swiss with your choice of soup (chicken tortilla, clam chowder or chicken and dumpling), and there was another less memorable option (I think it was because they were out of it).  As much as I would’ve LOVED to participate in the lunch special bargain, I couldn’t say no to the hickory burger and red potato salad.  Best $10 spent, ever.  This burger has made it on my Best I Ever Ate list.  Tender beef burger topped with slices of crispy bacon, caramelized onions, tangy BBQ sauce and loads of freshly grated cheddar cheese piled on a soft bun.  You can choose your side, but if you have ever had the potato salad from Sunset, there is no choice!  Again, best potato salad ever (sorry Mom!), but I can eat that stuff by the buckets!


One of my guests opted for the fish and chips. Flaky white fish was encased in a light and crispy coating.  I’ve had fish and chips in the land o’ fish and chips and these were remarkably quite comparable. The portion of fish and fries was perfect for lunch and was served with cole slaw and tartar sauce.


My other guest decided on the steak quesadilla.  Healthy portions of tender grilled beef and cheese are enveloped in warm flour tortillas and served with pico de gallo, sour cream and Mexican rice and beans.  Take all the fixin’s (even the rice) and place inside the quesadilla with the steak and you have something really special.  The freshness of the tomatoes from the pico and the cilantro balance the richness of the beef.  What a filling, flavorful and nutritious meal (if you leave the sour cream to a minimum 😉  )  I don’t even think you can get anything close to this from Taco Bell or Chipotle for only $5.99.  ha!


With a menu that changes daily, and includes a plethora of different options, I urge everyone to make their way over to Sunset Grill.  I’d still like to go back sometime for dinner, as I know lunch is already so worth it!  Good food, good service, and good view. I can’t wait until it gets warmer so I can sit out on the outside decks, dockside!

Check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.

12933 Sunset Ave

West Ocean City, MD




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