Yo Quiero Plaza! Plaza Tapatia

Plaza Tapatia is a Mexican Restaurant that is popular on the Eastern Shore.  It is simply called “Plaza” by the locals.  There are currently 9 locations on the Delmarva Peninsula.  I’ve been to both in Salisbury and the one in Ocean City.  They all have the same menu and feel, but are each unique in their own way.  They are known for their “Authentic Mexican Cuisine” and of course, their margaritas.  I got a good leal on my Margarita…$2.99 for this!

What I love about Mexican food is that is is not only full of flavor and delicious, it is also reasonably priced!  First of all, everyone is served with free chips and salsa.  You are also served a white sauce.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, which I am embarrassed to say as a culinary professional. Apps include chips and all sorts of sauces and nachos.  You can also order tacos, burritos, enchiladas and other Mexican specialties a la carte.  In case you are not sure what something is, there is a Mexican dictionary in the menu to let guests know about the specialties. All sorts of lunch and dinner combos are available, in addition to vegetarian options.  Fajitas and quesadillas are also popular options, especially the Quesadilla Marina…a quesadilla stuffed with large shrimp, onions, peppers and tomatoes.


My favorite is number 121, I believe, Burrito Gigante,

The burrito itself probably weights 3 lbs and is topped with lettuce, sour cream and guacamole, and served with Mexican rice and refried beans topped with cheese.  I got the burrito with grilled chicken, but you could also choose from beef.  The chicken was flavorful and juicy, encased in a warm flour tortilla with large pieces of grilled green peppers and onions.  I could probably make 3 meals out of all this (maybe four meals if I filled up on the chips) The rice and beans are served separately on the plate, but were meant to brought together.  All of this food for around $8.  My friend I was with got a huge plate or fried corn tortilla chips with beef and cheese and that was only $6.

Additionally, there is always some sort of entertainment.  On the weekends, they have live music.  I went on a Thursday, but that didn’t mean our entertainment wasn’t as enjoyable.  We were actually watching a soap opera in Spanish, which are definitely more entertaining than the ones in English as the actors seem to have a lot more emotion.

I had no room for dessert, but if you want to try something fun, I’d recommend fried ice cream.  How you fry ice cream?? Well they scoop the ice cream into a ball and coat with a crunchy topping, usually corn flakes.  Freeze it til its super super solid.  Maybe they freeze before coating.  Then fry just until the outside is crispy and golden.  Its sensational for your mouth…hot, cold, crunchy, soft, sweet, creamy.

Plaza has delicious food at great prices and is a great place to head to with friends after work.  If you haven’t been yet, you have to check it out! Kiss taco bell and chipotle goodbye (atleast for one night) and enjoy Plaza!




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