I’m Goin’ Nuts

Ok, this time I am not talking about how I am crazy.  Goin’ Nuts is a restaurant in Salisbury, MD.  I’ve been going there with my family since I was 11 years old.  I’m lame and I get the same thing every single time, but that is what I go there for. Caesar salad, prime rib, baked potato, and chocolate cake made by Desserts by Rita’s. In fact, their Prime Rib is award winning and I won’t get it anywhere else.

Goin’ Nuts is family owned and operated and has been around for 20 years.  When smoking was permitted in public establishments, the smell of smoke lingering from the lounge to the dining room was always a pain, but it never stopped us from going.  Now, that it is smoke free, it is literally a breath of fresh air.

Over the past decade we have celebrated many birthdays, graduations, holidays and other special occasions at Goin’ Nuts.  It is a place we would go for a reason, not usually just to go out.  *shaking maracas* “Oh happy birthday! Oh happy birthday! Thanks for celebrating your special day! Oh happy birthday! Oh happy birthday! Here at the Coin’ Nuts Cafe! Hey!”  I’ve probably heard that a million times in my lifetime, ha!  Memories.

The theme is a little fun and foreign, slightly tropical.  The servers dawn floral shirts and there are murals of beautiful seasides on the wall in the far room.  Unfortunately this visit, our server was a little subpar.  The owner/manager was very attentive to us, but or server was lacking.  My mother just became a certified CNA (passed with a perfect score!) and wanted to treat herself with the “beefeater” cut Prime Rib.  Even if she didn’t pass her test, she wanted that prime rib even if it meant crying in her au jus.

We decided to skip appetizers so we could get straight to the main course.  However, appetizers I recommend are the broccoli tempura and the terryiaki chicken skewers.  Perfectly bite sized pieces of broccoli are dipped in tempura batter and fried until the coating is perfectly crisp and the broccoli is perfectly tender.  It is served with ranch dressing which is the perfect accompaniment.  I’ve never had the chicken skewers, but my brother would gobble them up every time.   Additionally, everyone is served a warm bread basket.  In the past it used to be served with a variety of sliced bread and rolls.  Now it is just served with sliced white and pumpernickel bread, which is fine as those are my family’s favorites.  Dad could never get enough of that “brown bread.”

Our side salads came out first.  Crisp lettuce was covered with green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and buttery homemade croutons.  Mom had the raspberry vinaigrette and I got the Caesar.  I love their Caesar dressing because it is more light like Italian or a vinaigrette instead of creamy and thick.  Our server forgot to hold for fire our entrees properly so our dinner came out maybe a minute after we got our salads.

I didn’t mind our food coming early as it is so worth it!  The prime rib is thick, tender and juicy.  The perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked slab of beef is swimming in its own delicious juices.  The baked potato is nothing special, but is the perfect accompaniment to this feast.  Again, if you ever want prime rib, it is the best $20 you can spend. Just look at it!

The menu is all over; there is a little something fro everyone.  Pizzas, pastas, seafood, sandwiches, etc.

And for dessert, the servers pass around a dessert tray containing an assortment of desserts from Desserts by Rita…all the same for atleast the past 13 years.   I love that I can go to Goin’ Nuts and know that my favorite foods are always still there, but it would be nice and refreshing to see something new.

Our server rarely checked on us nor refilled our drinks.  Another server or bus boy was nice enough to get us our to go boxes and such.  Nevertheless, the meal was what we went there for and was well worth it.  We’ve had so many good experiences there that we won’t let a bad service experience ruin that.

When the weather is nice, stop by and enjoy the outdoor patio.  When it is open, there is always music and it seems like a lot of fun.

‘Like’ Goin Nuts on facebook.  Right now they are AMAZING and giving food service employees 20% off on Sundays!  I personally think that is great!

Go ahead, get a little nuts!


947 Mount Hermon Road, Salisbury, MD 21804



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