Review of Yonanas!

I always get a little weary when I see anything as seen on TV.  Usually, the product is too good to be true and never seems to work out right.  Mission accepted: to find an As Seen on TV that actually works as seen! Yonanas! Is it really Bananas?

If you are ever in Rehoboth, DE or down at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD stop by Annie’s Bananannies for a treat that not only tastes good, but is good for you!  They take frozen bananas and push them through a juicer.  The result is something really special.  It is just bananas but has the consistency and creaminess of ice cream.  As their slogan says, “You’ll never dream it’s not ice cream.”  Check out the website or stop by one of their locations.

The best part is that you can add any toppings you would like, or choose from the list of combinations they have (like Coldstone) My favorite is the Bananannie Cream Pie…Banannie with graham crackers and whipped cream (I like to add on peanut butter as well 🙂 ) This is a brilliant concept for a business.  Bananas cost about $0.50/lb and Banannies sell for about $4.75 ea.  Great for a business, but not great for my wallet.  I love banannies but it can get costly after a while (if I lived in Rehoboth, I’d have been there every day)  I was thinking about buying my own juicer, but one like Annie’s cost about $300.

Then, a friend of mine showed be Yonanas!  It is a device for home use, especially made for making this banana “ice cream.’  Could it really work??  My mom got me one for Christmas from Bed Bath and Beyond for around $50.  Then we put it to the test…

It’s very light, portable, easy to put together and easy to clean.  But will it turn my frozen overripe bananas into a dreamy dessert….?I turned it on and boy was it loud at first.  I guess it was ready to go!…I had to break the banana in half as since bananas are not straight, it was hard to get through. I had to get the right leverage, but it worked!!!!  I was so excited! It came out just as perfect as one I could’ve bought, and I’m building up my muscles.  Eating healthy never tasted soooo good.  My step mom will love this too as she is diabetic and there is no sugar added.  You can even put berries through the Yonanas with the banana and yield a creamy berry banana treat.  Yonanas also came with a recipe book full of possible bananas ideas!

I made one with melted chocolate ganache and Teddy Grahams.  Delish!  So Yonanas does work and is worth $50 if you like bananas. Heck, even if you do not like bananas, try this and maybe you will!


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