Sneaking out to Sunset Grille

My boss and I have been having an especially stressful week at work.  The good thing that comes from being stressed is the best way to deal with it is food and drink. If you know me, I turn to Starbucks mocha’s when I need a pick me up.  It’s not the healthiest habit, but it could be worse.  Anywho, so my boss was like let’s go out to lunch.  I couldn’t say no as I knew it’d be a long day.  Note to self- I will never take a Tuesday off again.  She said we’d be going to Sunset Grille.  You can only guess my reaction to that…”yay!  A new entry for my blog!” Good grief, I set my car alarm off again with my keys in my pocket.  It is waaaay too sensitive.  I apologize again to my neighbors.   This seems to always happen super super early at  6am or late at 10:30pm. eek! Back to the food….I was so excited about Sunset Grille.  I’ve never eaten there before, but have only heard good things.  Ironically enough, I was just there a few weeks ago dropping off a cake for a friend.

There’s no false advertising in Sunset Grill.  As soon as you walk in, your eyes are drawn straight to the windows lining the whole restaurant, overlooking the bay.  I was there for lunch, but I just want to go back there for dinner just to see the amazing sunset there.  Today is was 65 degrees outside! We were hoping they’d have outdoor seating open on their deck, but alas, it IS still only February.  Either way, come on, take a look at this view….

























After the atmosphere and the view, the next thing that caught our attention was the stand on the table.  It was promoting their 3 course Mardi Gras Dinner for only $12!! Sounds like fun to me!

We haven’t even gotten to the menu yet and what could make things even better??? The Red Hat ladies were there!!! 🙂 They were cute and having a great time.  My boss reminisced of how were mom was a red hatter and how when she went she had to wear pink.  If you don’t know my amazing boss, she is the best company. She can go on and on (and on and on lol) about anything ❤

Now, for the most important part…the food!  Sunset has some really great lunch specials!  Today, for $5.99 you could get a “TV Dinner” which contained roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans and cinnamon rolls.  I was so curious of how that was served.  Other specials included a sausage stew and a chicken salad sandwich with soup.  All of today’s soups sounded delicious to me as a lover of food- cream of broccoli. spinach and potato (they were out 😦  ) and butternut squash.

We decided to start with an app.  When you are at the beach, you HAVE to have seafood.  It was a tough call between the crab dip and the Hawaiian BBQ Scallops.  I loooove sea scallops and I’ve been on a BBQ kick lately so this was a score!  And there was bacon involved.  Enough said.  It was kind of expensive…$12 for 4 or 5 scallops, but I guess that’s why I don’t buy seafood often.  The scallops were cooked perfectly though and the combination of the smokiness from the bacon with the sweetness and mild spice from the BBQ sauce was just magical.  After the scallops we gone, I continued to munch on the mixed greens the scallops were nesting upon.  Other appetizers included mahi fingers, lettuce wraps, baked brie, and oysters.  It seems like there’s something for everyone, and it’s not the boring same old same old stuff.  Other lunch options included varieties of salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps and so on.  All sandwiches are served with choice of fries, coleslaw, potato salad, or rice and beans.  I love having choices and just not fries!











I decided to try a burger…everywhere has a burger…what makes yours so special?  I decided to stay on my BBQ themed meal and get the Hickory Burger.  It’s and whopping 8oz burger (I can’t believe I ate it all! oy) It was topped with applewood smoked bacon (more bacon!), chipotle BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and grated cheddar cheese, on a “toasted corn dusted rolls.”  Again, another symphony in my mouth.  The caramelized onions were done perfectly…flavorful and sweet.  I wish there was more on there!  There was plently of cheese, it was practically overflowing.  Again, the bacon with the BBQ sauce = bliss.  What could make this even better?  The homemade potato salad, made with red potatoes (my fav!).  Though the potato pieces were small, they were many and it was super creamy.  It was honestly the best potato salad I had ever had.  I could eat buckets of this stuff.  Getting potato salad from anywhere else should be a crime. Woo, I am full just thinking about this meal again!  Thank goodness it was nice out and I had a spring in my step going back to work.  If it was cold and dreary, I would’ve been ready for a nap.

Boss lady got the chicken salad sandwich with the butternut squash soup.  The sandwich looked great-loaded with shredded chicken and celery.  It is originally served on a kaiser but she subbed wheat bread which seems like a better choice as with kaisers, sometimes its just way to much bread to filling ratio.  I wish I tried her butternut squash soup…its my kind of soup!  She said it looked like either baby poo or baby food.  I’m not quite sure what she was saying, but our server got many good laughs out of it.  She’s not the most adventurous with food, but I love her.

To conclude, if anyone would like to take me there for dinner and a sunset, I wouldn’t say no 😉 The filet or lobster mac n cheese are callin’ my name! Oh yea, and happy hour EVERYDAY from 3-7pm. yup.

Sunset Grille

Dockside, West Ocean City, MD

12933 Sunset Ave.  in Sunset Marina

Ocean City, MD


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