Posted in February 2012

Charcoal Grill: Baltimore’s Best Pit Beef

Just thinking about this place gets me hungry!  No trip to Baltimore is complete (atleast for me) without stopping by the Charcoal Grill for a Pit Beef Sandwich.  One of my best friends was the first to introduce me to this greatness, as she is lucky enough to live right down the street from here.  … Continue reading

Viva Espresso II

Looking for a relaxing place to go to sip on some coffee and surf the web?   Or a nice casual place to meet a friend for lunch?  Something different from your average coffee house?  Stop by Viva Espresso in Salisbury, MD.  Viva has two locations in Salisbury.  One is conveniently located near one of the … Continue reading

Sound the Alarm! Off to Station 7!

After an afternoon of running around West Ocean City, MD, my friends and I were tired and hungry and in the mood for a change of scenery.  I will post all about “Death by Chocolate” soon!  Anywho, this led us to Station 7, a hidden treasure in the small town of Pittsville, MD. You can’t … Continue reading

Blue Water Grill

Blink and you may miss it.  The Blue Water Grill is a restaurant located in the small town of Millsboro, DE.  It caught my eye as I was driving through town down Main St., so I ended up going back there for dinner with a friend.  Looked nice on the outside 🙂 Not what I … Continue reading

Back to Sunset, $5.99 Lunch Special!

Could it be?  Lunch for only $5.99 and it’s not from McDonald’s or Arby’s?  Lunch at Panera usually runs around $7-9.  Well, at the Sunset Grill in West Ocean City, atleast during the off-season, they run this AMAZING lunch special.  If I had the time, and the money, I would have lunch there everyday!  It … Continue reading

I’m Goin’ Nuts

Ok, this time I am not talking about how I am crazy.  Goin’ Nuts is a restaurant in Salisbury, MD.  I’ve been going there with my family since I was 11 years old.  I’m lame and I get the same thing every single time, but that is what I go there for. Caesar salad, prime … Continue reading