Makin’ Our Way to Market Street Inn

My Dad loves Market Street Inn;  he’s been going there for years.  This was my first time going there for lunch though I prefer the dinner options.  To me, MSI was the first ‘real casual upscale’ restaurant in Salisbury, but not one I feel I need to go back.   Nevertheless, it is a great place to go for special occasions, or a nice casual lunch with family which was what I did today.  Additionally, on weekends there’s usually live music and brunch on Sundays.

Market Street Inn is really gorgeous.  In the left dining area, the windows are oversized allowing you to look out onto the river.  However, the rest of the view of the street and buildings isn’t all that.  Nevertheless, the deck area looks like it would be lots of fun in the warmer months.  In the other dining area, beautiful murals adorn the walls.  They were actually done by my friend’s mother (she did the ones I mentioned at MoJo’s too!)

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The special soup of the day really caught my attention…chicken coconut.  I loooove coconut.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Wouldn’t have a little spice like a Thai soup?  or just be more creamy and smooth?  The one thing I knew I wanted was the coconut soup, but wasn’t sure would go best with it.  I kept seeing jerk chicken items on the menu, so I assumed that to be one of their specialties, so I got half a jerk chicken salad sandwich with the coconut soup.  All sandwiches come with a pickle and your choice of mac and cheese, cole slaw or side of the day-today was pasta salad.  It was quite refreshing to see more desirable sides than the traditional French fries or potato chips.  My dad and step mom both got mac and cheese with their meals so I decided to get the pasta salad.  Everything at Market Street Inn is made from scratch, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong.

First of all, ya’ll know I LOVED the plates.  I’m a big fan of square plates and dishes.  yes, I work in the food industry. ha.  For my sandwich, I was able to choose Kaiser, wheat or rye bread.  I was in the mood for Kaiser, but unfortunately it was pretty stale and dry so I dumped the chicken salad into my lettuce and rolled it up. For some reason I just don’t have luck with jerk chicken.  I got a jerk chicken cheese steak from Seacrets in OC, MD and the bread was also stale.  Maybe it’s the weather…The soup was good. It was large chucks of chicken, a deep coconut flavor and even contained toasted coconut.  It was delicious but I just wish is had a little more spice or another component in their to kick it up a knoch. (thinking of the amazing coconut soup I had on my food tour in Scottsdale…will post that soon)  The pasta salad was also quite tasty…mini shell pasta with a light vinaigrette was mixed with large chunks of ham and cheddar cheese and those who know me know how I love cheese 🙂  yum. Nothing was “OMG amazing, I need to go back,” but again I would rather go here than a chain so I can eat real food.  Surprisingly, my meal was only between $10-12. The 3 of us ate for $35 and that includes my dad’s two glasses of coffee.  Didn’t think that was too bad for a nice lunch.

If I do go back to Market Street Inn for lunch, I would get the Reuben and mac and cheese like my dad did.  If it tasted as good as it looked, there’s no question about it.  My dad sure seemed to enjoy it.  I should’ve taken before and after pics, but here is the before

My step mom got the crab cake sandwich.  I’m not a big crab person but it looked good…nicely broiled and loaded with crab meat.  I think she enjoyed it to as she ate most of it!  Take a look at the before…

For dessert, MSI get’s their desserts in from various local suppliers.  Cakes from Cake Art, Smith Island Cakes from Smith Island, and other sweets from Sweet Disposition.

It was a nice lunch.  I recommend everyone stop by at least once.  Again, what I admire most is they cook from scratch and change menu often based on the season and what’s fresh.  It’s how food should be.


One thought on “Makin’ Our Way to Market Street Inn

  1. We also enjoy the MSI from time to time. I didn’t know that everything was from scratch, but it makes sense because none of it tastes like it fell out a CISCO truck frozen, so good call.

    Also, good review.

    Keep ’em coming!

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