Brunch at the Globe!

The Globe Theater is not to be overlooked.  I’ve been to the real deal in London, but the Globe in Historic Berlin, MD is definitely a spot not to be missed.  Berlin is cute town that looks like it is straight out of a movie set.  In fact, scenes from Tuck Everlasting and Runaway Bride were filmed here.

The main attractions in this town are the tiny bakery (currently home to Cupcakes in Bloom, 2nd place winners on Cupcake Wars), the Atlantic Hotel and the Globe Restaurant.

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The Globe used to be a theater back in the day and is now a great place to go for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.  A friend of mine from out of town came to visit a week or two ago and I didn’t really know what to do to keep her entertained.  Too cold for the zoo.  No movies we wanted to see.  Nothing going on in OC. Then I had the idea of going to Berlin cause it is a “cute little town.” It really is…

Of course we were hungry and I could recall my coworkers once mentioning the Globe, so there we went.  <—check out their website!

Anywho, we had lunch there and I was sold as soon as I saw the menu!  It is creative and everything is made from scratch. (again, no soup out of bags here, yay!)  The interior is warm and welcoming with dark red walls adorned with black and white portraits of great actors.  I made sure to grab a copy of their calendar of events which I was truly impressed with as it is off season, and they have soooo much going on.  From Murder Mystery dinners, to Bacon Nites, Trivia Nights, Book Club and Live music, it is no wonder the Globe is the place to be.  Especially on Sunday…

This past Sunday, I look my mom and twin sister to the Globe for brunch.  I love brunch; I’ve lived on the Eastern Shore for about 12 years and I can’t recall ever going out for a Sunday brunch (unless you find Golden Corral acceptable) Philly is my choice brunch spot and the Globe, though in a small town in Maryland, can surely compete.   Walking downtown Berlin, it was completely deserted.  As soon as we walked into the Globe, we found out where everyone was!  I apologize for the pics.  I had to use my cell phone and the lighting is dim.

What I really love about the Globe is in addition to their regular menu, everyday they have a whole page of tempting specials.  Everyday is a different cheese plate with homemade jam, different soups and grilled cheese, fresh fruit and dessert.  Again, its like a total foodie’s dream!

So many choices!! From pumpkin pancakes to banana bread french toast, to all sorts of omelets and breakfast treats.  I mean, if you walk in somewhere and an employee is saying we have fresh warm doughnuts today, why would you want to be anywhere else on a Sunday morning?  Or ever, for that matter!

Another perk…$2 mimosas and bloody Mary’s, along with soothing live music.

BREAKFAST skins were the real things that jumped out at me on the menu! Hmm I never even thought of potato skins for breakfast.  These were incredible.  I would’ve been happy if I only had a plate of these…they were amazing and now regular potato skins just seem lacking.  Crispy potato shells were loaded with fluffy eggs topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and scallions.  They were served with some sort of rich and creamy white sauce which added good balance.

All the omelets were served with either home fries(though labeled hash browns) , grits, or cheesy smoked Gouda grits with choice of bread.  I chose the special omelet…Italian sausage omelet with fresh spinach, tomatoes and LOADS of mozzarella cheese.   The omelet was huge and full of fresh flavor.  Grits weren’t what I was expecting.  I’m not a fan of grits because to me, they always seem bland and watery.  The sound of cheesy grits swayed me to give it another chance but I was a little disappointed when it was just plain ol grits with a sprinkling of cheese on top.

My sister LOVES banana bread so of course she got the French toast, which was served with a side of meat-she got bacon.  I didn’t really know what to expect since originally quick breads are soft and it seemed like she’d get something like bread pudding. (French toasts’ close cousin) I assumed they’d dry out or toast the bread to hold up.  We were all surprised when our plates came and she got two slabs of thick cut banana bread as French toast, topped with candied walnuts and a side of syrup.  It was delicious but what I think what would have made it better are slices of fresh bananas and larger pieces of nuts mixed in with the syrup.  Either way, mmm.

Momma got the veggie omelet-loaded with fresh veggies.

Unfortunately, we were too full for dessert.  Nevertheless, I love going to the Globe.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up there once a week.  Between the great staff, lovely atmosphere, delicious food and fun events always going on, the Globe has a lot going for it.  For the past two weeks, I’ve just been telling everyone they NEED to go to the Globe.  Now it is your turn!

Until next time…

12 Broad Street  Berlin, MD 21811

(410) 641-0784


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