Let’s Go to MoJo’s

How appropriate, right?  It would have only been a matter of time before Mo made it to MoJo’s.  I’ve been by it a few times, whenever I head to down town Salisbury.  Just seeing a new restaurant pop up that wasn’t a franchise is enough to catch my attention.  I wanted to go a few weeks ago, but a friend of mine said her coworkers thought it wasn’t worth it.  Well today, I decided to find out for myself. I’m glad I did.

Ok, so the logo is a dog and they say they got food with attitude, how could I not check this out!?  And they serve food til midnight?  That’s good to know because in Salisbury, not much is even open after 9pm!  The atmosphere was really fun and funky.  My friend I went to lunch with here today, her mom painted the murals and her step dad did the cool metal work that adorns the walls.  Though I believe food is the most important thing, the whole experience means just as much as it adds to the overall judgement.

I loved the casual feel to the place.  The colors of the walls were warm orange and the brick that remains from when MoJo’s was previously an Italian restaurant, gives it some character as does the kitchen line which in view for diners (providing a show with their meal).  As the sign on the door stated, puppies under 15 are not recommended to come in later in the day, I’m sure it could get pretty wild for the late night.  It sort of reminded me of places like The Green Turtle or Pickles, where its restaurant by day and hopping bar at night.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed my relaxed lunch on this cold and rainy day.

Now what could be better on a cold and rainy day than a bowl of baked potato soup?  You can tell that everything served here, is made here…this was definitely not soup out of a bag. (sorry Panera!) This soup of the day was not overly heavy or rich.  It was a harmonious mixture of large chunks of potatoes and celery, flavored with bacon and fresh herbs, and topped with grated cheese.  I also tried the gyro which was also the special of the day…I have been craving gyros for a looong time.  I don’t think I’ve had one since I lived in Philly, 3 years ago. The gyro wasn’t as good as the one from the Greek Lady, but it was delicious.  The flavorful pita was warm and cradled the seasoned meat (I’m pretty sure it was lamb) lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, and tzatziki sauce.  mmm This was a nice accompaniment, or successor to my soup as it was light and fresh.  If I had anything heavier, I’d probably would have taken a napin the booth.

My friend got the “beggin strips”  The menu was full of cute names as they related to dogs.  Just a warning, I’m pretty sure the dinner menu has more attitude than the cute doggie lunch menus.  Anywho, she got the beggin strips with the Old Bay sauce, which were amazing.  So fresh and served piping hot with breading that was light and flavorful.  I hear they are also good with the Asian sauce…

The service was also outstanding. Our server was most likely a college student but was probably the most polite and conscious server, or even man, that I have ever met.  The only “attitude” he had was positive and that led to our overall fabulous experience at MoJo’s.  I think this establishment will really help the downtown area.

In conclusion, this experience ended even more blissfully as we each only spent $12-$15 (including 20% tip) for a nice sit down lunch in around 30 minutes.  Why would anyone go to a franchise or quick eatery when you can get better food and experiences from an establishment such as this?  Definitely worth the visit…Check em out.  213 east main st. Salisbury, MD. http://mojossalisbury.com/

213 East Main Street,
Salisbury, MD 21801

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