Let’s Start on the East Coast…1st stop, Ocean City, MD of course

Since I work in Ocean City, and have spent about half of my life on the Eastern Shore, I felt it appropriate to start my tasty travels on my home turf.  Now, I am not trying to be biased, or toot my own horn, but the Original Smith Island Cake Co in West Ocean City is like a hidden pearl in the ocean.  Located right of Route 50 in the OC Factory Outlets (now owned by Tanger) is a small bakery/dessert cafe with a big name.

The Original Smith Island Cake Co, OSICC for short, specializes in Smith Island Cakes.  What is a Smith Island Cake you may ask?  I could go on and on with the legends and tales, which may be fascinating to some to learn the history, (google it!) but I am here for the cake!  It’s basically known as “icing with the cake”  and has been the State Dessert of Maryland since 2008.  I gotta love that my state has an official dessert!  Random fact, Maine has TWO state desserts.  Anywho, back to business….9-12 pencil thin layers of cake are assembled and finished with icing.  At OSICC, all of the cakes and icings are made on site and all of the cakes are assembled by hand.  How do we get all those thin layers?  Well, I can tell you that we don’t use an egg slicer we bake each layer individually (yea, we use ALOT of pans)

Other fun cake creations are our gourmet cupcakes (provided by our “Cupcake Queen.”), mini cakes, cake pops and cake its.  The “Mini” also know as baby cakes to others are a perfect shareable dessert.  Imagine a 4″ cake that still has 9-12 layers, serving 2-4 people (or 1 one person with a bigger sweet tooth than me). 

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The cupcakes aren’t “Smith Island Style” but they are gourmet!  Some are stuffed with filling, or rolled in toppings.  My favorite is the volcano…a dark chocolate cupcake filled with a liquid chocolate filling, topping with rich and creamy chocolate ganache and rolled in sprinkles.  A must thing to do is take the cupcake (peel off the foil liner of course! 😉 and microwave for a few seconds, and you have the BEST molten cake ever. mmmm

The most popular item is definitely the cake pop.  It’s my favorite way to eat cake.   For starters, pops are portioned controlled which is good news for my booty.  Additionally, since the cake is mixed with icing and coated in chocolate, the cake stays fresh and moist.

Lastly our newest product, which was my own creation, came from our cake truffles and mini cake pops.  Marble sized balls of cake and icing are coated with chocolate and corresponding toppings.  We call them “cake-its”…They are like Pringles, once you pop….

OSICC also offers coffee and other specialty drinks in addition to specialty and wedding cakes. Can’t make it to our cafe?  Check out our mini cakes and cake pops at a Giant Food Store near you in DE, MD, VA, or check us out online-we ship nationwide!

Smith Island Cakes=impressive desserts with a history.  http://www.originalsmithislandcakeco.com/  Go ahead, count the layers…

12741 Ocean Gtwy, Suite 605

Ocean City, MD

Tomorrow, we will review a 3 course meal from the Dunes Manor Hotel, featuring fried feta…


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